Grinding or clenching your teeth every once in a while is normal, but can turn into a bad habit if not properly addressed. In fact, most people are unaware they have this problem! This habit is mainly caused by the clenching and grinding of teeth while asleep. The most likely causes of teeth grinding are stress, medical conditions, or loose/crooked teeth. The symptoms that may appear are a sore jaw, headache, teeth abnormalities, or audible grinding sounds in the night. If you think you have this bad habit, make sure to take proper precautions!

How to stop grinding your teeth

If you know or think you grind your teeth, our Dentists at Spring Dental are here to help! We will be able to perform a visual dental exam and recommend the best course of action to lessen the damage that teeth grinding causes.

Some other suggestions are to exercise and relax regularly. If you believe that your habit has formed due to stress, proper self care is a great first step. We also recommend not chewing on anything else besides food and wearing a mouthguard at night if the grinding worsens or continues.  We can also can show you ways to practice chewing that can create good habits to replace the bad ones.

Here at Spring Dental, we want what is best for our patients!  We are passionate about helping our patients develop better oral health habits and make people confident in their smiles.  Call or text us today to protect your teeth from bad habits like teeth grinding!